What is Sourdough?

Slow fermented bread which is proved by naturally occurring yeast. This is done by using ancient methods of bread production.

What are the health benefits of sourdough?

Sourdough is proved slowly, the gluten bonds are broken down and fermentation is done prior to baking. This means that it is more easily digestible in the gut. This will therefore improve gut health. This means that it can be a good treatment for people with gluten insensitivities or intolerances (but not coeliac disease).

Fun facts about Little Brunette Bakery's sourdough.

Our sourdough starter is over 50 years old and originated in France. The sourdough loaves contain 3 different flours - stone ground flour, hard wheat blend, dark rye flour. All of our flours take 48 hours to make. All of our bread flour is organic and everything is handmade. 

Why should you buy bread from Little Brunette Bakery?

You are supporting a new, local small business which aims to be as sustainable as possible. Your support means the craft of artisan baking allows people to continue to enjoy products made from what is unfortunately a dying trade. 

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